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At present, I use PRS to collect royalties on my music that is placed and so to use my music in your project, you will need to contact PRS for a licence or get in touch to discuss a royalty-free fee-based option.

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A muscular and dramatic piano piece with a strong, defiant energy.

dramatic exciting passionatepianoclassicalfilm new-age
Rare butterfly

A wistful, tender piano piece with a gentle, fluttering mood.

happylighthearted peaceful warm-heartedclassicalfilm easy-listening
A moment of rapture

A pop song with an ironic, slightly twisted bittersweet quality and a heart-break lyric.

bittersweet edgy emotionalpiano vocalpop
Exchanged memories

A wistful little piece of electronic music, with a kind of innocent charm.

bittersweet happylightheartedelectronic-instrumentseasy-listening electronica
Ariadne’s lament

A new-age piece for cello and piano with different sections – muscular drive is contrasted with a more feminine feeling of compassion and pity.

dramatic emotional passionateclassical-ensemble-solo pianonew-age
And then the darkness came

A bittersweet piano piece with a elegiac mood that builds into a cathartic sense of tragedy.

dramatic emotional sadmelancholy warm-heartedpianoclassicalfilm new-age
Across the dark river

A new age piano piece depicting a dark and dramatic voyage.

dark dramatic emotional romanticpianonew-age
A walk through the forest of machines

A noise piece featuring sounds that are almost like animals’ alarm calls yet also like strange machines.

dark edgy suspenseelectronic-instrumentsexperimental
A single black rose

A slightly twisted detuned piano piece with a dreamy, almost nightmarish mood.

dark edgy sadmelancholypianoclassicalfilm experimental
A large slice of ironic pathos

A jazzy piano piece full of aching romance and pleading dissonances.

bittersweet emotional ironic romanticpianoeasy-listening modern-jazz
Challenging You

A soulful song with an inspiring lyric, encouraging us to strive onwards with courage.

groovy warm-heartedelectronic-instruments piano vocalfunksoulsmooth-jazzblues rnb
The farthest shore

A classical film music piece for symphony orchestra, presenting a big unfolding story with lots of themes and some epic moments.

dramatic emotionalorchestraclassicalfilm
The story of the sensitive lion

A children’s piece with a programmatic quality, full of character and colour.

happylighthearted upliftingelectronic-instruments world-ethnicfunquirkychildrens
Smarty Pants

A fun children’s melody with a lighthearted jazzy vibe for flute and piano.

Turn the other way (pop ballad)

An emotional heart-break pop ballad with a big melody.

emotionalpiano vocalpop
The wings of butterflies

A soulful, jazzy song with a retro feel and rich musical sound. It tells a moral tale for humanity about heeding the warning signs and changing our ways

groovy warm-heartedjazz-ensemble vocalfunksoulsmooth-jazzblues rnb
Watching the clouds go by

A classical piece for solo clarinet and string quartet. It has a pastoral mood, which is calm and soothing with a tinge of emotional pathos.

peaceful warm-heartedclassical-ensemble-soloclassicalfilm
I’ll just go!

A pop song about walking away and staying strong – sweet vocals with simple band arrangement – guitar, bass and drum kit.

edgy emotionalpoprock-band vocalpop
I don’t believe in ghosts

A piece of mock dark electronic with a quirky, innocent melody.

groovy ironicelectronic-instrumentselectronica

A piano piece with a soft, soothing quality, undulating arpeggios and reassuring harmonic progressions.

happylighthearted peaceful warm-heartedpianoeasy-listening
The places we knew

A rather minimal yet passionate piece of piano music, full of pathos and nostalgia with a broad melody that unfolds with a sense of familiar logic and truth.

nostalgic sadmelancholypianoclassicalfilm
Nirvana Sunrise

An uplifting piece of ambient electronica.

peaceful upliftingelectronic-instrumentselectro-acoustic-scores
Prophesy of hope

An orchestral piece with a rhapsodic, colouristic and slightly pastoral feeling.

peaceful warm-heartedorchestraclassicalfilm
Saturn’s core

A piece of dark, experimental electronic music telling a strange and mysterious tale.

dark dramatic edgyelectronic-instrumentsexperimental
Clavichord Suite

A set of short pieces in a contemporary style for the small, quiet historic keyboard instrument which was capable of subtle expressiveness. Once recorded, the volume can be set to a normal level really bringing the instrument to life.

dark warm-heartedhistoric-traditional-instrumentsclassicalfilm
Party or else!

A slightly aggressive but fun piece of instrumental electronic pop with a big beat and strong melodic lines.

dark edgy groovyelectronic-instrumentselectronica
The new era

A dynamic electro-acoustic piece with lots of drama and a sweeping dark melody.

dramatic exciting upliftingelectronic-instrumentselectro-acoustic-scores
Turn the other way (jazz)

A jazzy song with a smoky vibe, an a touch of sweet blues, describing a wisely stoic reaction to the advances of someone needy but gorgeous.

edgy sadmelancholyjazz-ensemble piano vocalfunksoulsmooth-jazzblues
My new duvet

A warm and gentle piano piece for children with a deep, soft quality.

My heart says you love me

A piece of dark, nostalgic electronica, with a melancholy vocal, rich textures and jazzy harmonies.

bittersweet emotional nostalgic sadmelancholyelectronic-instruments vocalelectronica
My Angel

A warmhearted, pop love song, with a slight edge but very sweet, in a standard band arrangement.

romantic warm-heartedpoprock-band vocalpop
Love at first sight

A piece of gentle vocal electronic pop with a peaceful vibe, an easy-going groove and lots of details in the texture.

peaceful romanticelectronic-instruments vocalelectronica

A piece of soulful RnB with a slightly funky edge, and a coll vocal about the restless feeling that often comes with life, even when all our wants are fulfilled.

edgyelectric-pianos electronic-instrumentsfunksoulsmooth-jazzblues rnb
Crazy Calypso Train

A little children’s tune with a party feeling, lively drums, and quirky trumpet and saxophone.

groovy happylightheartedclassical-ensemble-solo electronic-instrumentsfunquirkychildrens

A touching, sweeping melodic piece for orchestra, both melancholy and uplifting.

Pastoral Scene

A piece for strings and wind instruments, reminiscent of green fields and blue skies with a gentle, romantic feeling.

happylighthearted romanticorchestraclassicalfilm
Keyed Up

A jazzy, RnB instrumental track for piano and electric pianos with a strong, melodic quality and cool vibe.

bittersweet groovyelectric-pianos pianofunksoulsmooth-jazzblues rnb

Massive strings against an electronic beat with Indian hand drum; emotional and stirring!

dark emotional passionate upliftingelectronic-instruments world-ethnicelectronica

A loungey house track with laid-back vocals and a wistful vibe.

bittersweet groovy romanticelectronic-instruments vocaldance electronica
Just Jump

A jazzy RnB song with an encouraging lyric and a strong, old-school vibe.

edgy groovyelectric-pianos electronic-instruments vocalfunksoulsmooth-jazzblues rnb
The Frog King’s Party

A lighthearted little children’s piece featuring a deep bassoon melody.

happylightheartedclassical-ensemble-solo poprock-bandfunquirkychildrens
Familiar Shores

A calming, soothing electronic pop instrumental track with a light and breezy vibe.

peaceful romanticelectronic-instrumentselectronica pop
Elephant Rumba

A mock-serious tune with a tuba melody for children with piano and drums accompaniment.

happylightheartedclassical-ensemble-solo electronic-instruments pianofunquirkychildrens
Dark Abyss

An electronic score with a highly dissonant and edgy feeling, reminiscent of old horror movie tracks.

dark dramatic edgy suspenseelectronic-instrumentsclassicalfilm electro-acoustic-scores experimental
3rd Genie

A piece of catchy electronica with slightly exotic sounding beats, atmospheric instruments and rich sonorities.

dark edgy suspenseelectronic-instruments world-ethnicelectronica pop
Can’t Wait To Get There

A bright house track, with a disco ball energy and a sense of easy going optimism.

edgyelectronic-instrumentsdance electronica