Powerful music for film, TV and media projects – complete tracks, excerpts that fit together seamlessly, loops, scores & parts

Composer – Phil Best

I am a composer, producer, artist and session musician. I have a classical training but I’m also a fluent improviser in jazz and pop styles and a have extensive studio production skills.

Finding music to fit perfectly with your project – be it film, theatre, dance or any other media – can be tricky. I’m an independent musician with powerful skills and creative facility. I offer bespoke and ready-made music at highly competitive rates and with negotiable licensing options depending on the kind of project. I also compose and score solo and ensemble music for educational use.

Being a fluent musician, I work quickly and comfortably in any style, genre, mood or instrumentation that I’m familiar with. I’m an experienced performing musician (piano / keyboards / Roli Seaboard / vocals) and also a hi-tech producer. I create highly expressive, organic and natural-sounding music for a wide range of instruments including piano solo, band, electronic, orchestral as well as ethnic and historical instruments, using advanced technology.

Artist website – philbestmusic.com

What I offer

Original music that means something real

I am a compulsive melody writer and I love to create songs and instrumental music with tremendous storytelling power. I aim to write dynamic and powerful music that is much more than auditory wallpaper!

Ready-made music

Stock music can sometimes be sufficient: I have many ready made tracks – browse here – which I offer at competitive prices and am always creating more.

I always write music from a place of honest creative inspiration whether there is great depth or not.

Seamless Jigsaw Music

I also offer sets of short excerpts, each expressing a different level of emotional intensity, that fit together seamlessly in any order to make a complete piece.

The project creator can use these excerpts to make a track of any length that fits perfectly. I will be adding examples of these soon.

Your own in-house composer – fast, efficient, competitive fees & no fuss

You don’t need to feel daunted by the process of finding music that fits your project perfectly. As a fluent musician, I am able to create and adapt music to fit and enhance your project without any fuss.

Musical scores (professional level engraving) ready for performance

I can provide beautiful, clear scores and parts. If you want to have your music performed or to have sheet music of your song(s), I can create the notation for you, even if all you have is a recording.

An example of music for film

I composed a piece for a show-reel by the super-talented photographer, Charlie Round-Turner. The music forms a seamless match with the film, adds unity to the sequence of clips by creating a sense of unfolding or story and deepens the emotional connection.